Day 1- Jet Lagged in Abu Dhabi

(and scene through the eyes of Nermal)

Ok, let me start by saying- Jet Lag STINKS!  We landed at midnight after over 20 hours of traveling and got to our rooms by 2:30 am.  Of course the first thing I did was test out this amazing hotel’s free internet.  Got to Skype Gene immediately which put me right at ease.  Cannot believe how great the reception was ½ world away.  Was able to connect with my family which was also wonderful.  Thought I would go right to sleep, but ended up wide awake until about 8am.  So I found myself trolling around the t.v. here and found a pretty awesome Arabic soap opera…… that promptly put me to sleep…. for a whole entire hour. Can’t sleep in too much longer if I want to acclimate to this 11 hour time difference.


Met with my “framily” for an amazing breakfast and some exploring.  Some interesting things-

First of all, this is a picture of one of the arrows on our ceilings pointing to Mecca.  Found that kind of cool!     





Then as we began our adventure, we found out quickly that nearly everything is CLOSED on Fridays during Ramadan.  We found our way to the Abu Dhabi mall which was near deserted except for a few stores including the Hello Kitty store.







We also heard our first “Call to Prayer” in the mall.  Not sure what we were supposed to see at that moment, but I suppose a mall isn’t the best place to discover this?  Interesting-nonetheless.

Our final trek into this INCREDIBLE HEAT AND HUMIDITY was to a local market somewhat resembling our Targets?  Enjoyed buying things like curling irons, toothbrushes and speakers for my computer.  But tiredness has taken over, and by 4pm today, I find myself exhausted and once again overwhelmed by this move.  I kept finding times I wanted to text people telling them what I was seeing but realizing I had no phone anymore.  Waves of homesickness have been hitting me at weird times today in between the exciting moments of discovery.

I suppose I won’t have seen the last of this.

For now, I sit in this beautiful hotel room, listening to songs from home on my new speakers- that Gene would have done a MUCH better job of picking out- reflecting on this day and fighting off sleep……. until…….. tonight.


5 thoughts on “Day 1- Jet Lagged in Abu Dhabi

  1. I like how you worked the photos into your narrative, Ali! But you may eventually explain Nermal…Love you! Get some sleep!

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