The Top 10 Ways You Know You Are Living in the U.A.E.

10.  You are going to sleep at 4 in the afternoon and fully awake at 3am

9.  Much of your time outside consists of finding the next air-conditioned building

8. The lane lines in the street are merely “suggestions”

7. SHOPPING MALLS!!!!!!!!  😀

6. In the hottest month, you are wearing long sleeves, long skirts and scarves

5. When you walk outside, your glasses fog up from the humidity

4. You have watched the same episode of Jay Leno, daily, for the past week

3.  During Ramadan, the mall food court is packed, yet nobody eating (at least until the final Call to Prayer)

2.  Did I mention the shopping??

1. You become everyone’s friend when you find the places that sell wine!

4 thoughts on “The Top 10 Ways You Know You Are Living in the U.A.E.

  1. Clever, Ali!!!! Top ten!!! Shopping malls seem familiar… maybe that is the factor-familiarity… and, I get “the impression” that it’s very hot and humid (same here without the high humidity!!!

    Didn’t know if you got to watch the closing of the Olympics??? I personally didn’t care for it… the reviews in the newspaper raved about it…. yet, I did end of watching all of it!!!

    Look forward to hearing when you get more into being at the school… 26 days to go??? That seems like a long time…although I think will go by fast… My understanding is you are moving into an apartment that requires a lot of furnishing… that will certainly fill your time… and hopeful will go smoothly… getting your appliances and needed furniture in…

    You are much in my thoughts!!!


    • Hi Susan…didn’t watch much of the Olympics. I haven’t quite figured out the tv here. Only one channel I put on for some noise when I can’t sleep! 🙂 Thank you for all of the positive thoughts you are sending-it is very helpful and comforting!

  2. Love it! And it has been fun to see the sights of the UAE through the eyes of Ali and Nermal! Enjoy the decorating process of your apartment. That sounds like fun! When does school start for you? Seems like I read September 1st somewhere, but with school starting for us soon my brain is scrambled! Dan and I started helping out with marching band at one of the local high schools yesterday. Dan is spending all day with them 8 – 3:30, but I’m just helping at the end of the day with woodwind stuff from 2ish until they’re done. I’m back on duty with meetings, meetings, meetings on the 22nd of August and then the kids come back on the 27th. I WAY prefer the kids to meetings, meetings and more meetings. :o) It’s always fun to recruit and get a giant group of kids started on instruments that they have never even touched before! Noisy! But fun! I’m curious about the music there! Is it a huge part of the culture? I imagine it is. Prayers and hugs with you!

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