The Quest for Clean Clothes

So, are we one of the only countries that find it perfectly normal to go to a Laundromat and wash our own clothes??  In our travels, this always seems to be an issue.  On our anniversary trip through Europe, I was GIDDY to finally find a coin operated washing machine in Florence, Italy.  Did not have luck in France or England.  In Japan- we ended up on a very long hike somewhere in Nikko where I could FINALLY end my days of Febreez-ing my clothes.  And now I find myself in Abu Dhabi…with dirty clothes.  We were offered 50% off the laundry services at the hotel.  But after categorizing and agonizing over whether or not to throw in those “unmentionables,” my bill still would have come to nearly $80.  It was time to venture out.  Another teacher staying here joined me on the quest. So armed with our GIANT WHITE bags filled with clothes, we start with the front desk at the hotel.  Oh, the laughter that filled the lobby when we explained that yes, we want to wash our own clothes….not have someone do it for us.  Hm.  So the walk of shame out of the hotel lobby led us to our connected mall, which led us to the large store that does EVERYTHING- including washing your clothes.  I won’t mention the funny looks we got whilst walking through said mall toting our bags of dirty clothes.  Sigh….

Deciding it was just to mortifying to put some items up on a counter at the end of the checkout of a HUGE store, I picked through things I couldn’t live without, then brought the rest back to wash in my tub…….and hang them to dry…..which will take several days because of the humidity. 





My Laundry Bill (roughly 30ish American dollars)  

9 thoughts on “The Quest for Clean Clothes

  1. Good to know…I was debating buying a little pack of detergent and a drain stopper with a clothesline for our backpacking trip through Europe – I think I will now!!

  2. That is so odd! So, hopefully your apartment comes with a washer and dryer or at least a community laundry room? You could always mail your clothes back here and have us wash them and mail them back to you. We could all take turns 🙂 xoxoxo

  3. So… you have to leave your clothes and pray you get them all back?? Unbelievable AND expensive!! I remember handwashing clothes in Italy and to get the excess water out, I would wrap them in a towel and whack them on the floor. How fun.

  4. Wow…the challenges of living in a different country!!! You are certainly resourceful 🙂 !!!! Pretty pricey for most likely a standard load…but…hey!!! You gotta do what you gotta do!!!

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