Insha’Allah and Dealing as a “Type A” Personality

Insha’Allah (Arabic: إن شاء الله‎, [in ʃæʔ ʔɑlˤˈlˤɑːh]) is the Arabic term for “God willing“.        Often said here as a phrase WHILST waiting

Type A and Type B personality theory (also known as the “Jacob Goldsmith theory”) is a theory which describes two common, contrasting personality types—the high-strung Type A and the easy-going Type B—as patterns of behavior that could either raise or lower, respectively, one’s chances of developing coronary heart disease.

(both definitions slightly based on Wikipedia)

 Disclaimer- The contents of this post are NOT meant to be read as a big whiny complaint.

Hello.  My name is Alison and I am a bit of a control freak.  “Hello, Alison”

Sigh…this is who I am.  Although, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most teachers are?  Just sayin………

Anyhoo, life in the Middle East is not easy on us Type A’s.  I have been here 2 weeks and can tell you that……I still don’t know exactly where I’m teaching or living at this point.  There are ideas, but no certainties.  No move in date.  No worries.


I got my plane tickets details 7 days before I left my home.


I often sit in my hotel (5 STAR hotel, thank you very much) waiting for a note to be slipped under my door to give me my orders for the next meeting, the next day.


Sigh….here is how I pass time.

I spend a LOT of time cruising malls- and spending money. (uh-oh)

Sightseeing.  (AWESOME here!  Especially the people watching!)

Eating at restaurants that don’t hurry me out the door in order to “turn the table” for another patron.

And sitting at the lovely swim up pool bar.                                                                           (no words to describe the happiness this gives me)

SO- here is what I do know.                                                                                                    I took on this experience knowing that there would be a lot of waiting and wondering.      I’m in a beautiful location with huge FREE daily breakfast.  (There goes the seam in another pair of pants)                                                                                                                          I’m meeting amazing fellow teachers from all over the world.

Yes, school starts in 2 weeks and I have not yet been able to furnish, let alone move, into my apartment.  Oh well.  For now, I can grade papers at that pool bar…..can’t I??

The little Type A voice inside my head will just have to muffle her frustrated cries at the moment and instead yell out…..

 “OK,  no problem!”  (another phrase often heard here….)

Gotta run….gotta wash some more clothes in the bathtub now.

14 thoughts on “Insha’Allah and Dealing as a “Type A” Personality

  1. I’m told I’m Type A as well…hope I’m able to cope as well as you seem to be!! My mother reminded me many times while renovating my 100 yr. old home and waiting for contractors…”Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

  2. Hi, Allison.
    I’m an old friend of Gene’s (actually cast him in his very first show) and I’m happy to read your blog and send you some cyber support as you experience this journey. Looking forward to reading and getting to know you. How long will you be there?

  3. Maybe your type A personality can spend the time planning for several different scenarios. Then when you get word you will already have a plan in place, or at least pieces of a plan, that fit the situation at hand, then fill in the rest of the details. View it as mental practice for when you’re on Survivor! Ha!
    And it wouldn’t be wasted time because you’re exercising your brain!

    • That is kind of what I’ve been doing. I have the furniture and “stuff” I want plotted out and ready to buy. So, if I brain-exercise, do I still have to go to the gym in the morning?

      • No, no you don’t.
        Here’s a brain exercise for you: Should you believe what I just said?
        …I work ooooouuuut!

  4. Hi,
    I was taught by nuns. I used to know a little one who talked of 7 different personality types. I can only remember ‘Type 7’ because its me: Has to do as she’s told and follow rules to the letter. I think I’m like that because of the nuns. Back in the 60s. you just didn’t say ‘No’ to them! Then in the 70s. along came Sister Mary Paschal. She was little but no one said ‘No’ to her. Not even the other nuns. So she cemented, deliberate choice that, what the others had started.: ‘Have you ever written a Thank you speech, Christine?’ ‘No, Sister.’ ‘Well now’s your chance, your giving the thank you speech in half an hour, to the Duke of Edinbrugh, at the D of E Gold award ceremony.’
    If I have any grit, and I think it may be about to be tested, it is because of Sister Paschal, God bless her!

  5. I guess one of the big points of this exercise was to challenge yourself. This is probably one challenge that you hadn’t necessarily expected. The fact that you are meeting it head on is a huge part of why I admire and adore you so much. I am so proud of you! Have a drink at that swim up bar for me!

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