Camels, Camels….Everywhere!

For the last weekend before heading back to school, we decided to have a real Middle Eastern experience….the camel races!

They are SUPPOSED to be held at Al Wathba Racetrack every Thursday and Friday at 7:30am.  So we awoke to be the first, and only, ones at breakfast before hailing a cab for our adventure.  Well, that was the goal.  Only, none of the taxi drivers seemed to know where to go, and assured us that once we got there, we either have them wait for us (meter still running, of course) OR we instead hire a driver to take us instead.  And by driver, I mean a driver of a brand new luxury Mercedes!!!  Oh yeah- THAT, my friends, is how you drive to camel races.  Just sayin…..

First of all, our driver, was awesome.  He got us to the race track exactly on time, only to find us the only ones there!  We did enjoy catching some camels running around the track.  Some had jockeys, while others seemed to have some robotic type equipment on them instead?  I’m guessing running on those things isn’t exactly smooth riding?  After about 15 minutes, our driver flagged us down to tell us there was another track that might have more going on.  But on arrival, we found out that in the summer, the races are at 5am….so we missed it!  Honestly?  We didn’t care.  We had too much fun driving around in this awesome vehicle while the camels seemed to be everywhere!  Really, I can’t explain how cool we thought it was.  Perhaps it seems silly how cool we thought it was.  Nonetheless, the best way to capture our adventure was this little video I put together.  (bear with me- it’s my first time editing on i-movie!)


10 thoughts on “Camels, Camels….Everywhere!

  1. The first thing that popped into my head when I saw the great big pictures at the track…Jewel of the Nile! Ali, you are now going to be my Joan Wilder for life. ❤

  2. This was impressive, Ali!!! You did well in shooting and editing…. plus, the soundtrack!!! Wow… What you can bring to your class in terms of technology!!!! Yeah…the Mercedes was also outrageous!!!

    Since you experienced this, I know you are well into getting ready for your class(es?)… Had orientation which seemed to be good… and also preparing to move into your apartment. So much happening at once!!!

    Thanks for how often you keep in touch with us… I am still awed by your openness of experiences…

    • Thank you, Susan! I’m thinking my next blog may be about moving into my apartment. I will be spending a lot of time Thursday night staring at my walls waiting for everything to be delivered and installed!

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