Hey…You’re Ok

Ted Talks

A while back I promised to write consistently- the good, bad and the ugly.  I think that for the most part, I’ve tried to stay positive.  Today, however, I’m feeling a bit blue.  Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the new job here, near-daily problems with the apartment and living here alone- so far away from my family.  I don’t want to go on a long rant here.  And for the most part, I do try to laugh at the oddities here.  Just not finding my laugh today.  Then, I remembered being introduced to TED talks this past summer.  This particular one resonated with me, and I filed it away thinking that I may need it during my 2 year stay here in the Middle East.

Call me a sap, but the last few minutes make me cry.  But in an inspiring way.  Take a moment and listen…..

Until next time-me

5 thoughts on “Hey…You’re Ok

  1. Hello Alison, Sorry that you’re feeling down. I’m not sure what to say because I know the feeling. Sometimes only one person is needed and he/she is the one person you can’t reach. When things are like that for me, I have to get doing stuff. It works for me. I never heard about TED, but thanks. I was FB’d tonight by one of my students from last year. My last school had a very messy finish to the year. The students lost out; all the staff left and the Vice Principal went bankrupt! School’s restarting on Sunday and this fella was on and worrying about how things would turn out. I sent him the link, cos I think it might help him. So look, in your blue moment, you’ve ended up reaching people in other cities and other countries. Pretty awesome when you give it some thought eh?


  2. This is awesome Ali! Thanks for posting it! I’m going to share this with my friend who is teaching abroad in Korea. We love you! I hope your days are going by as quickly as they are for us! Christmas vacation is right around the corner!

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