A Sinking Feeling….


As I finished my school day yesterday, I had one errand- to ask to move my apartment to get a better view.  I currently face another building and get no sunlight in my room, making it rather dark and dreary.  I just wanted the same apartment, but facing the other side where I could look out and see something besides concrete.  Alas- I made it too late and had to head back to my cave and wait for another time.  Sometime around 8:30 that evening, a rather loud CRASH was heard throughout our complex.  It turns out, one of the courtyards collapsed into the underground parking garage- therefore sending out shreiking alarms to all of our apartments forcing all 300 of us to evacuate the buildings.  I managed to persuade Security-rather STRONGLY- to allow me to go back in and get my two kittens that I had been fostering.  Now, anyone that knows cats understands that LOUD sirens and frantic running around freaks them out a bit.  Therefore I endured a few bloody claw marks before getting them both into a carrier and out of the building.  I should also mention that I did not grab my purse which contained my cell phone, wallet and passport???   After, what seemed like, several hours of waiting outside watching and endless stream of police cars and fire engines, we were finally shuttled off to a hotel.  Ok, when I say hotel, I mean a FREAKING AWESOME resort.  Only problem was smuggling my kittens in.  Animals really aren’t allowed in any resorts here in the Middle East.  But what choice did I have?  I managed to order a chicken sandwich from room service at 3am and promptly gave the chicken to the kitties then proceeded to make a litter box out of a ripped up magazine.  (who said I wasn’t resourceful??)  After a full hour of sleep, I slumbered over to the business office to BEG them to let me use a phone to get the kittens into another foster home.  Made for a very sad me.  I miss those furry faces already.  We were then notified that we may be here a week or so while they figure out if we are safe to move back or settle in to new accommodations.  We then had 20 minutes to grab a small bag of whatever we could from our apartments before heading back to the hotel.  Which is where I now sit- after raiding the mini bar- sipping my wine- and writing to all of you.

Things I’m Sad About

I hated going back to my apartment today.  It was eery walking back in and seeing everything exactly as it was when this all went down.  I’m also sad that I had to let go of my little furballs so early.  I new that I would be seeing them off to a new home eventually- just not in a panicky, shady kind of way.






Silver Lining

Well, I did indeed get my view!  And we are staying in a beautiful hotel with free meals.   I also got the next 2 days off of work!

Also, nobody was hurt.  That is the real blessing here.

I also did sign on for this adventure- warts and all.


14 thoughts on “A Sinking Feeling….

  1. Wow! I bet they think twice before you denying your next request to change rooms. When you ask them next time, just remind them of what happened the last time they denied your request. Tell them in your country it is important to keep Alison happy.

  2. Hey, Ali, glad to know you are okay…sad about those kitties, too. I was remembering my family’s days in the middle east…and really you have adapted to this adventure, as you say”warts and all”, which I loved! It’s another world, for sure. When you realize and accept that what you wouldn’t hesitate to rant about in the states, becomes one of those “enshallah” shoulder-shrugging kind of things, you know you have arrived at that global state of mind! 😉 Every day a new take on things, and another breath of acceptance. Keep enbracing the experience!

  3. Quite the adventure you are having that’s for sure! Love that you take the bad in stride and concentrate on the good! I admire your fortitude and I love reading your blogs!

  4. My goodness! This really is a never ending adventure for you. Glad you are OK and just being Ali, so calm cool and collected in the face of disaster.

  5. What an incredible adventure… main thing, you and kitties were safe…and that you were able to regain your purse with cell phone, etc… Know giving the kitties to a new foster situation gave you angst, yet, what else could be done? Glad you are now in a new place…and sounds great!!! Will you go back to the complex or find something new? What’s happening with your kids at school? How do you have to plan for a substitute? Same as in the States?

    If you have a chance, go to my FB page to see photos of our daughters wedding-9/22/12… Totally awesome, Ali… And, the last night in our hotel, the ceiling plaster came down..we got comped about 200… Will you have any compensation for what happened???

    Thanks so much for your blog!!!!

    • Susan- they are going to give us options on living arrangements. If they offer something closer to where we teach, I will take it. Our coaches have been filling in for us, thank heavens! They don’t really have a sub-system here like they do in the states. And I’d say this fabulous hotel is our compensation….they are also covering any moving costs we might have. Going to check out your pictures now….scary about the ceiling!!!

  6. Omg. I am so sorry. That entire country is made of cardboard. If that last picture is the view outside your window, it looks like my exact view when I was at the Viceroy. are you on Yaz island? I am trying to skype you today. xoxo

    • We are at the exact same hotel as you! Not bad, eh? Let me try you this weekend. I will be at school, then we are going out for a birthday dinner. I’ll try tomorrow night?

  7. Holy crap! What an adventure you are on! I would have done the same thing with the kitties, so good for you, but i’m sorry you had to find a new foster home for them. Will you maybe get them back after you get settled? Any new updates or are you still in the hotel? Miss you! xoxox

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