The Cake That Broke the Camel’s Back?

I remember going to college the first time and being warned about the “Freshman 15”  You know- that weight you are supposed to gain your first time away from home?  That was just a smidge over 20 years ago for me.  NOW, there is the  “Abu Dhabi 10???”   (or something close- as I don’t ever step on scales)

Let’s see, I moved out here in August and was put up in a 5 star resort for about 5 weeks.  During this time we had a free breakfast buffet with EVERYTHING you could want for breakfast…..including a few things you never thought you’d have for breakfast.  And because I was broke in a country 8000 miles from home, I ate what I could to avoid spending too much for lunch or dinner.  However, when you are in a resort that is connected to a mall with a food court- temptations can be LOUD.  And even on the days you do avoid mall food or the occasional room service, you have to dine on what you can cook in your room with only a water heater.  This usually is Ramen, soup or anything else laden with sodium and carbs.  Oh yeah.  Bring on the processed foods.  Then try to fit in those jeans.  UG.

So then we move to our apartments.  I actually managed to take off the LBS. I picked up at hotel #1.  Because now I am buying and cooking for myself….and PAYING for myself, I was a bit more conservative with what I ingested.  Plus I started running again, which always helps curb boredom/I’mallaloneinaforeigncountry eating.  Managed that for a whole 3 weeks.  Then, the great collapse of 2012 happened and we moved to hotel #2.  Ah yes….the 5 star Yas Viceroy.  Only THIS time, we had ALL 3 meals comped.  And when I say “meals”- I mean full-out extravaganzas.  All you can eat.  And some days I did.  You see, I have a weakness for sweets, and boy-did they have them.  At my house, I don’t keep any thing with sugar around, because I will eat it all.  In one day.  Ok, in one sitting.   Sue me.   So now, every buffet has copious amounts of salads, soups, BREADS, main dishes and desserts.  Oh dear.  (on a little side note- what is the deal with this country and white flour and processed sugar?  Holy cow! )  And this little ride lasted just over 4 weeks.  It’s funny, because you don’t notice weight creeping on when you are wearing an abundance of flowy skirts and loose sweaters.  You don’t notice that weight creeping back on until you go to put on your favorite jeans.  There is only so much you can blame on that nice gentleman that comes to take my laundry everyday.  Sigh…….

So now I’m at hotel #3.  There are the buffets, but not the 5-star ones my spoiled self has grown accustomed to.   Plus, I have a little kitchenette to cook my own food which means I’m trying hard not to hit those buffets as often and actually eating in my room.  My jeans still aren’t very happy with me at the moment, but hopefully I will be in my new apartment soon getting back to eating that doesn’t require a feed bag.     😀

8 thoughts on “The Cake That Broke the Camel’s Back?

  1. You look great on a camel. Hopefully things will finally calm down for you. You seem to be in better spirits at the moment and that always helps too.

  2. Ali, we are definitely related on the sweets thing. I CAN’T pass them up! Yes, eaten not in one day but in one sitting around here…and it’s a quick sitting! Talk about gobble gobble. Yikes! But they are all so delicious! Hugs!

  3. Continue to love your writings!!! I am confidant you will get back to your “good” eating and exercising… When will they make “cool” jeans with an elastic waist? Maybe they already do and I haven’t discovered them!!!

    How’s the teaching going? What do you find challenging? What have been your best moments?

    • Well, that will have to be a blog in itself! Overall, I’m finding a lot of the same challenges here that I had in the states- just on a different scale. I’ll have to be more thoughtful with this post. More to come on that! 🙂

  4. Love your blog. My wife is a teacher and is in the interview process now for a move to Abu Dhabi. Just curious as to the running scene in the UAE. Is it to hot to run outside?

    • Right now it is GORGEOUS outside! Highs of 70º makes it perfect. However, finding a running path can be a challenge. I often use the gym. Also, there are a lot of organized races here. I have done 2 so far and loved them!

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