Happy New Year!

Once again, I am sitting in an airport blogging.  Seems like these are the times I have the most clarity.  This time, I’m heading back to Abu Dhabi and leaving the home I know and love……again.  But as  I look back at my post in August when I was doing this for the first time and remembering how devastated I was, this time seems a bit easier since I have a “home” there, a job I’m familiar with, and friends that keep my head above water.  (pardon that rather long-run-on sentence)  Therefore, rather than writing too many ramblings this time, I’d like to take a little walk through 2012 as a way of saying “THANK YOU” to the friends and family that have been a huge support in helping me take on all the crazy adventures this year.

Happy New Year!

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

      • That would be great to have some 2013 pictures together! I’m not sure I’ve ever even had the opportunity to meet Gene live and in person! Yikes! Seems it’s time for a visit of some sort! Cheers!

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