Writer’s Block

I have started about 3 different blogs, and I keep getting stuck half-way through.  I have not forgotten about you, blog!  I have a lot to say, but then I write it down, and it feels hollow.  I think I am a little too ready for Spring Break, which is in 2 weeks!  I promise to have something down before then……Insha’allah.


I'll be back......

I’ll be back……









3 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. My dearest Ali… Never worry about writer’s block because it always come to us all… remember this for your students!!!! My say (take for what it is worth) write through it… you may choose not to post but still write… Ask yourself what is making your writing seem hollow? Is it only to you and not your audience? Are you too concerned about writing for your audience? (I have certainly had this issue!!!)… Just keep with it, Ali… don’t concern yourself with giving us (your audience) a certain amount of your life… when it seems right…write!!!

    Hope helpful in some way… You’ve given us all such a pleasure to be a part of your life now!!!!

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