Head in the Clouds….

It’s that time again.  One more week, and I’m heading home for break!  It’s been a whirlwind trimester so far.  I bit the bullet and enrolled back in school to get my Masters Degree in Education.  The timing is right and with online schooling, it makes it a lot easier to commit to from another continent! I think that is why I have been a little lazy about writing here?  Anyhoo, I have recently been turned on to Word Clouds.  We are using them for assignments, and I’m quite convinced I will get addicted to these things.  If I can get the technology going, I’d love to create these with my class.  But for now?  I will share here.  I tried to encapsulate this blog in this picture.  Enjoy!  (www.tagxedo.com is da bomb!)


2 thoughts on “Head in the Clouds….

  1. I’m totally diggin’ the word cloud! Neat-O! Safe travels home for spring break! We are pretty stoked that it is finally here, too. Just a short day of school today and then a very well-deserved week off for us. Hugs!

  2. Love knowing about these “Clouds”… the one you posted is cool… “new friends… family…lonely… motivating… journey”…. and much more… So glad you will be with loved ones soon during your break!!!

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