Dreaming of Another World (aka…more ramblings from an airport terminal)


So sitting here in another airport bar in the midst of a 7-hour layover, heading back to Abu Dhabi after my spring break.  Then this song comes on, “Dreaming of Another World.”  It kind of hit me, because that is what this whole adventure ends up feeling like at the end of the day-some strange dream.

So there is “Arizona Ali” and “Abu Dhabi Ali.”  Apparently, these two haven’t met just yet.  I realize this, because every time I travel from one to the other, the other place seems     quite surreal.  In fact, I can’t quite tell which is home and which is a vacation anymore. And during these long commutes, I feel like I’m in this strange in-between place transitioning from one life to the other.

“Arizona Ali” is a very content Ali.  She is happily married to a wonderfully patient, kind and understanding man that supports this strange journey of hers.  She lives down the street from her family and enjoys drinking wine with them celebrating any occasion.  She is content hanging at home, loves being outside, and runs an organized- Type A kind of household.

AZ Ali and her Barbie Car (mid-life crisis car)

Oh, how I’ve missed you!

The world's best husband!

Oh, how I’ve missed you more!

“Abu Dhabi Ali” is a bit more restless.  She wants to venture out more, spend money beyond her means, eat and drink a wee bit more than she should and is often looking ahead at “what’s next?”

The Abu Dhabi Adventure Club

Making the most of my time here!

At moments like these, when I’m transitioning from one to the other, I ponder how I got here?  Can I do this another year?  And what happens when this adventure is over?  Do these two personalities harmonize? Or does one get lost in the other?

In about 5 weeks, my husband will be coming out to Abu Dhabi and meeting “Abu Dhabi Ali.”  I’m hoping that will help bridge the gap?

Can’t wait!

8 thoughts on “Dreaming of Another World (aka…more ramblings from an airport terminal)

  1. I love the way you write and convey your thoughts and feelings. I just read aloud your blog to Danika. Even though Danika’s travels take her away only two to three weeks at a time, your thoughts are eerily similar to the ones she has. She said she feels like she lives the life of two different people! I always assure her that the two trains shall one day meet because after all you are “one” just multifaceted! I enjoy your blogs immensly!

  2. So beautifully written…heartfelt… as you continue your journey, and continue thinking on…perhaps a glimpse (maybe more than a glimpse) emerges with more clarity… Another thought…. does one need/have to reconcile Arizona Ali and Abu Dhabi Ali?

    Glad you had Spring Break!!!

  3. Same Ali, different trigger. Since you’ve never lived anywhere else except AZ before, I think living in a new city, ney, hemisphere, makes it easier to give yourself license to be the adventurous and/or frivolous piece of Ali that may have been dormant in AZ. Expecially since you’re not just there for vacation.
    I just realized calling you a frivolous piece of Ali sounds like a way harsh insult, but it’s not, and I don’t mean it that way.
    I think when Gene goes there the adventurous/frivolous Ali will pull type A Ali across the divide and it will make more sense.
    …Or will you find a frivolous piece of Gene?!?!!?

  4. What’s the point of an adventure if you don’t discover something about yourself? There’s more to survival than food, water and shelter. It’s the exploration- the self reliance in a totally different venue. Have another drink & tell us more about the Indian Ocean!

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