Wrapping Up Year One

Wow!  How quickly time flies.  My husband and I just had a fabulous 5 weeks in the Middle East, ended with a long weekend in Germany and are now back home……for a while.  My first year teaching overseas- DONE!

I look back over my posts this past year and feel like I have grown and learned so much.  I have opened my mind and heart to a culture that is so negatively portrayed in the Western world.  I have had my patience and flexibility challenged while dealing with so many changes.  My marriage has been tested through the months apart, and I feel we passed with flying colors!  (Here’s to 18 years of marriage, folks!)

So, here I sit back in my true home reflecting, knowing that in a few weeks I have to fly back and do it all again.  sigh……

I can’t say I’m looking forward to that trip to the airport.  However, when I go this time, it will be different.  I will board that plane with the confidence of knowing what I have, and will, accomplish out there.  There are still students that need me, adventures to be had, and more countries to visit!  (not to mention, there are still bills to be paid!) 

Therefore, I will enjoy my summer with my friends and family here and not say, “I have to go back at the end of August”, but “I get to go back.”

Stay tuned for more….but for now, have a fabulous summer!

(BTW….check out this little video I did of our adventure!)  Or click here……

9 thoughts on “Wrapping Up Year One

  1. My parents and I loved the video! They travelled in Germany and loved it too! I’m glad you’re coming back! It’s going to go fast! (Summer and next year! LOL)

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