Paying it Forward

So, due to what I’m seeing on social networks and responses to my blog, there are quite a few people that are working overseas and leaving loved ones behind. Last month, I posted advice for a family member that was leaving the nest for the first time. I feel the need to do this again for those of you that might be in a similar predicament as myself and dealing with feelings of homesickness or loneliness.
So, here goes…..

– First off…make friends! They will become your lifeline as you adjust to the newness of everything.
– Put yourself on some type of regular schedule. Whether it’s working out, work, cleaning….whatever. Something that gives you a sense of “normalcy”
– Give yourself distractions. Maybe it’s shopping, sightseeing, movies….whatever. Continue your regular hobbies, but don’t be afraid to pick up a new one!
(That being said, do acknowledge your feelings and deal with them. Be PRESENT                 in your life. Emotions come in all shapes and sizes…the good, the bad, and the                   outright nasty. Just remember that the largest amount of growth comes through                   adversity.)
– If you are apart from a significant other- create a regular video chat time. Commit to it, no matter how you are feeling. If you were face to face- you would be dealing with all emotions. Don’t put on a show for the sake of distance. The more normal you can make your long distance relationship, the better!
 (BTW…there are great Countdown Apps for your next time home. During those                    sad and lonely times, it will help to see your time overseas in smaller chunks.)
– Overall- appreciate this moment in your life. Remember that it takes an adventurous soul to even attempt to take this on. If you are separated from a loved one, value the fact that you can miss them. It will make your reunion that much more special!

I write this from a moment of gratitude. I feel so blessed that I not only get to have this Great Adventure, but that I have so many people supporting my success. I know that there are people reading this that are considering taking on this type of endeavor, or enduring it right now and need to connect to something. I hope these words bring a sense of comfort and camaraderie. And above all else, take one day at a time. Find peace in your journey and carry on.

Missing Home......

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