Ramblings from a Weary….and Cranky Traveler


Here we are once again- back in an airport. This time, I am stranded for the next SIX hours in Dusseldorf.  Yeah….there is one phrase I never thought I’d say, but there you go. Dusseldorf.  Not a bad airport.  I can actually walk outside and breathe fresh air……well, kind of. It tends to be the area where all the smokers go.  So I’m breathing in “fresh-ish” air.   I still have about another 22 hours of traveling until I get to Arizona. Sigh….

Living on cat naps at the moment, so not feeling very articulate for some inspiring or insightful blog.  Therefore today’s blog will be brought to you by the random thoughts that have popped into my head during this large period “leisure” time.

-Is it just me?  Or does German kind of sound like Pig Latin?

 (sorry if that offends anyone….just sayin’)

-Etihad has the best airline food.  It’s actually good.  Good enough for me to wake from a slumber to eat.

-Is having my seat in the upright position really going to protect me in case of a crash?  And while we are on that subject, what do those seatbelts really do to protect you?

-Crying babies either love me, or REALLY HATE ME. Why, oh why, is it that on every flight,  they always end up in a 10 foot radius of me?  I should thank them for killing my biological clock.

-Getting angry at airline employees for flight issues is really unnecessary.  It isn’t their fault.  I used to get REALLY upset over late flights.  However there is nothing you, or they, can do about it, so there is no reason to expend energy on anger. Enjoy the downtime. You ain’t goin’ anywhere…..may as well make the best of it.

**btw- if you handle it all with a smile, you usually can score a free meal….sometimes even an upgrade.  🙂

-Speaking of said voucher for a free meal- there is a lot of pressure in picking JUST the right place to cash it in.

-Free Internet in airports is awesome. Internet you have to pay for makes me really sad- especially during a 6 hour layover.

-Why is there a dentist office here in the airport?  Is there anyone in the world that needs an emergency teeth cleaning in between flights?

-Yeah, they are definitely speaking Pig Latin.


On that happy note, am now going to find a quiet-ish corner to try and sleep for the next 3 hours and 15 minutes until my flight leaves…..unless there is another delay.


3 thoughts on “Ramblings from a Weary….and Cranky Traveler

  1. It’s not Pig Latin; it’s Yoda. Four years have I German studied when a student I was. And yep, I’ve been upgraded to 1st on several occasions for being the one smiling face in a long line of pissed off passengers. See you next time I’m in town-

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