It’s weird how inanimate objects can stir up emotions.  They are just things.  They don’t feel.  They can’t offer us words of comfort.  They can’t love us.  Yet, their presence, or absence, can sometimes hold power over us.

When I first moved here, one thing I was really excited about was decorating my very own place.  I had never lived on my own before, so it was a little added bonus to taking on this adventure.  On one of my first souk shopping trips, I found these two little table lamps that I just fell in love with.  They were completely impractical and didn’t even give off that much light.  I just loved them because they were pretty.  (Don’t judge)  We were still living in a hotel at the time, so it was even more silly to buy them on the spot.  But I did, and most nights, they are the only lights I turn on.

So here we are- nearly two years later.  And now it’s time to start that process of moving back home to the states.  This week, I started selling off my decorative items, leaving only the furniture for the last week here.  Today I sold those two little lights that I loved so much.  I sold them to someone who “likes pretty things.”  A kindred spirit!  🙂  I suppose I could take them back home with me, but I feel they somehow don’t belong there.  They represented something very unique to my own experience here.  And it’s time to let them go.  All of the wonderful experiences I have had here and all the wonderful people I have met here will always be a part of my life.  I have pictures, OH so many pictures, along with a very good memory and a very broadened outlook on this world.  You can’t sell those or give those away.  My little lights will, hopefully, now brighten someone else’s little apartment overlooking this strange and beautiful city.

First Purchase


6 thoughts on “Moving…..Again

  1. I’ve been quietly stalking your blog since December since I am also leaving my family in Arizona to be on my own in Abu Dhabi for two years. The plan is I leave in August, but I’ve read enough blogs to know that I’ll leave whenever it is I leave. I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughts on your journey, and I hope you’ll continue to post about your memories when you readjust to being home.

    p.s. I am sooooo very excited about decorating my own place without having to worry about my boys ruining any of it — I’m thinking white couches!

  2. Hello, I want to ask a quick question… Did they offer you a new contract? or they just let you go when your contract ended?

      • Thanks for the quick reply. We actually trying to get my wife a job over there but we still searching of how the life there. I am from Egypt but been in the US for years and I am already working on the school system as a manager (Not Teaching) and I would really like to get a job offer over there too instead of me looking when we arrive.

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